What’s I3DS:

I3DS Integrated 3D Sensors is a project co-funded under Horizon 2020 EU research and development program and part of the Strategic Research Cluster on Space Robotics Technologies as the Operational Grant n°4 among 6.
I3DS project intends to develop a generic modular Inspector Sensors Suite (INSES) which will be a smart collection of building blocks and a common set of various sensors answering the needs of near-future space exploration missions in terms of remote and contact sensors with integrated pre-processing and data concentration functions.
Space robotic systems are increasing in complexity and versatility to tackle more advanced tasks in orbit. Using robots aims at reducing the costs by avoiding the design of life support systems, but their level of autonomy must be constantly improved to reach the human skills and dexterity. To that end, the sensing capabilities of the robotic systems are critical to provide suitable and accurate measurements to the control algorithms.
Therefore, the Integrated 3D Sensors aims at providing future space missions with a standardised suite of sensors in terms of electrical, thermal, and mechanical interfaces with the core vehicle.
The sensors suites proposed for I3DS has been selected from a wide range of sensors suitable for diverse scenarios and subsets can be defined according to the application whether it will be for space rendezvous (cooperative or non-cooperative) or rover exploration.
The Consortia of 10 European actors, coordinated by Thales Alenia Space France kicked-off I3DS project in November 2016 in Cannes. This European project will have a total duration of 27 months.

What's new?

Individual PDR

Individual PDR upcoming in Oslo the 4th of July at SINTEF

Presentation of I3DS project

13th of June : Presentation of I3DS project to CNES experts in the frame of 2018 blue book 


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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation  Programme under Grant Agreement No 821904