What’s EROSS:

EROSS (European Robotic Orbital Support Services) objective is to demonstrate the European solutions for the Servicers and the Serviced LEO/GEO satellites, enabling a large range of efficient and safe orbital support services. The project will assess and demonstrate the capability of the on-orbit servicing spacecraft (chaser) to perform rendezvous, capturing, grasping, berthing and manipulating of a collaborative client satellite provisioned for servicing operations including refuelling and payload transfer/replacement. EROSS embeds key European Technologies by leveraging on actuators, sensors, software frameworks and algorithms developed in previous European Projects. EROSS boosts the maturity of these key building blocks and increases their functionalities and performance in a coherent work programme targeting fast and practical deployment of the developed solutions in space. The consortium went into great details in the EROSS concept and the technical operational plan to manage perfectly the risks and complexity of development of such a large system. EROSS goes beyond SPACE-12- TEC-2018 expectation, enabling extended markets by proposing additional features to cover more complex space robotics operations like orbital servicing of non-collaborative and non-equipped satellites

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What's new?

OG1-4 integration workshop at SINTEF – Trondheim

The workshop took place in Trondheim, Norway on 20th of June 2019.

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SRR at SINTEF – Trondheim

The System Requirements Review took place in Trondheim, Norway on 19th of June 2019.

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KO in Thales Alenia Space in France, Cannes

Kick-Off the EROSS project took place the 14/02 in Thales Alenia Space in France, Cannes

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Future events soon

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation  Programme under Grant Agreement No 821904